Fifth Annual VIRIES Meeting (Online)

Due to COVID-19, the Annual Meeting which was scheduled to take place in Montreal, was moved Online.

July 9, 2020 08:15 AM

Eastern Time (US and Canada)

July 10, 2020 07:06 AM

Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Agenda and Timings

9-JULOpening RemarksDr. Dunn0:00:00
9-JULKeynote LectureDr. Soulez0:29:25
9-JULSurvival times for havms in animals receiving different treatmentsDr. Weisse1:28:42
9-JULCase studies: AVMSDr. Case1:47:42
9-JULCT guidelines following trace of HCC in dogsDr. Weisse2:16:28
9-JULHepatic AVMS & tumors roundtable2:35:41
9-JULTranscatheter caval valve implantation for refractory ascites in two dogs with TVDDr. Scansen3:59:18
9-JULTranscatheter aortic valve implantation in a dog with severe AIDr. Scansen4:20:47
9-JULCatheter-based radiofrequency PA denervation for TX of PTHDr. Whipp4:42:15
9-JULProspective evaluation of LA decompression and cardioversion of AFDr. Allen4:59:48
9-JULCardiac IR roundtable5:18:00
9-JULCT assessment of bronchial anatomy in 93 dogs with various thoracic conformationsDr. Côté5:52:24
9-JULPTDE for the management of idiopathic and malignant chylothorax in dogsDr. Clarke6:08:54
9-JULProtein C and biochemical changes in dogs undergoing PTCE for congenital IHPSSDr. Sunlight6:32:35
9-JULProspective evaluation of the growth rate of the caudal v cava in large breed dogsDr. Atiee6:47:48
9-JULPSS and chylothorax roundtable7:07:55
9-JULClosing remarksDr. Dunn7:34:39
10-JULOpening RemarksDr. Dunn & Dr. Gallagher0:00:00
10-JULFeline ureteral obstruction (SOTA)Dr. Berent0:13:19
10-JULSUB Irrigation with Tetra-EDTA and incidence of infections and obstructionsDr. Mas1:03:12
10-JULUse of Tetra-EDTA for the treatment of intraluminal obstructions in sub devicesDr. Duval1:18:16
10-JULEvaluation of US imaging of renal recovery post decompression using a SUBDr. McEntee1:38:19
10-JULTroubleshooting the bstructed SUBDr. Dunn1:58:23
10-JULSUB Roundtable2:36:42
10-JULBoard MeetingDr. Dunn & Dr. Gallagher3:29:46
10-JULSurvey of radiation safety practices during small animal fluoroscopyDr. Freitas4:31:55
10-JULT-EDTA is an efficient chemolytic agent for dissolution of urolithsDr. Defarges4:47:54
10-JULA retrospective study f canine proliferative urethritisDr. Emmanuel5:08:24
10-JULAssociation between hyperlipidaemia and calcium oxalate stones in dogsDr. Paulin5:28:23
10-JULComparison of percutaneous cystoscopy, PCCL and open cystotomy in 81 casesDr. Lecavalier5:48:25
10-JULUroliths Roundtable6:08:30
10-JULThank you and closing remarksDr. Dunn & Dr. Gallagher6:52:29
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