To advance the art and science of interventional radiology and interventional endoscopy, the VIRIES is pleased to offer annual research grant funding through an annual grant competition.  Currently, funding in the amount of $20,000 is available and may be awarded to a single project or split between two or more projects based on merits.  To be eligible for funding, the Principal Investigator (PI) must be a VIRIES member.

In addition to scientific merit, all submissions will be evaluated for the following:

  1. Relevance to VIRIES
  • Addresses important common or emerging health issues and diseases most often resulting in morbidity or mortality
  • Develops or improves treatment or diagnostic modalities that focus on minimally invasive techniques (IR/IE)
  1. Relative Importance to Animals
  • Studies that have potentially profound scientific impact or applicable animal health benefit in relation to the financial investment
  • Studies that are relevant to animal health.
  1. Ethical Use of Animals
  • Study does not cause disease, injury, pain or distress (except short-term minor pain that can be controlled by analgesia or anesthesia).
  • Study is not terminal and does not include euthanasia of the animal.
  • The use of research animals is justified and statistical evidence indicates that the number of research and/or client-owned animals is appropriate and minimally adequate to achieve proposed results (i.e. sample size analysis was conducted, optimally in consultation with a statistician).
  • The use of client-owned animals is justified and informed consent will be sought.
  • Investigators and staff are qualified to conduct procedures on living animals.
  • Animal use is humane and consistent with Animal Care Committee guidelines. An animal utilization protocol has been approved by the institutional animal care committee and is attached to the research proposal.
  1. Grant writing style
  • The study should be written in English. Descriptions should be clear and concise and respect English grammar rules. The PI is encouraged to have the proposal reviewed by a mentor experienced in grant writing if necessary.

Additional information and application instructions/template can be found in the below downloadable documents.

VIRIES Research Proposal

Information for Applicants

VIRIES Research Proposal – Information for Applicants

All applications should be submitted to Dr. Alice Defarges at

Current Important Dates:

  • Deadline for the Fall 2022 competition is January 15th, 2023

VIRIES Research Competition

Project Description Template